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We leverage common sense, capitalize on experience, rely on agile methodologies, analyze data and play with technology to innovate for the better.

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FWC Consulting

Wether you are trying to handle a business issue, or going to launch a new product, or even considering building a new business model based on a technology implementation, our technical and business consultants can help you nail the case.


Web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, e-commerce websites, CRM, Chatbots, Interactive kiosks and Digital display, 3D web, RFID, QrCode. Our technical team and partners master a large range of technologies to implement your business and digital vision.

FWC Startup Studio

We are entrepreneurs first. Our startup studio activity works as a lab where we test new business models and new technologies. We are also open to partner with startups and companies to build together innovative products to disrupt their respective industries.


Want to showcase your work and company ? Build landing pages for your SEO strategy ? Showcase your next event or product ? Our creative studio can build the perfect website for you, either static or dynamic (through a CMS like WordPress) depeding on your needs.


Sometimes we partner with the best agencies and cultural organisations to create amazing digital experiences.

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